The Future of Human

Rapid advances in biotech and implant technology are changing the human body as we know it. Technology companies, governments and body hacker communities around the world are trying to push the boundaries of Homo sapiens and ask the question what direction human progress will take in the future.

With the widespread availability of technologies improving human intellect and physiology, increasing mainstream media coverage, and growing political attention to transhumanism, scenarios that seem to be torn from science fiction are becoming social realities.

Are we on the way to a new social class of superhumans?  Will individual citizens be able to cure their own diseases and develop fantastic skills?  What are the ethical implications? And is biohacking the drug trafficking of the future?

These and many other questions will be discussed by DIY body hacker Rich Lee, lawyer and ethics expert Ramak Molavi, and the chairman of the California Transhumanist Party, Newton Lee, under the moderation of Future Grind host Ryan O´Shea.