Our tracks create a subject-specific focus in our program. The spotlights of our Sequencer Tour events will be “Politics & Society” and “Leisure & Lifestyle.”

Politics & Society

Our umbrella topic “Universal Digital Rights” will examine socio-politically relevant, intersectional developments. Advanced networks mean increasingly transcended borders. How are technologies toppling borders and where are they erecting new ones?

Net neutrality, informational self-determination, data security, dealing with Fake News or power monopolies among tech giants: Fundamental decisions are no longer national concerns. Europe and the US are paying close attention to one another; they adopt, follow, or judge their respective tendencies and choices. Both continents have a responsibility in determining the future rules of digital society.
We want to foster open transatlantic dialog and connect civilian influencers, while promoting the exchange of ideas within politics and economics.
While Germany and the US face similar challenges, they’re creating quite different solutions. We’d like to compare, contrast, learn, and understand to find joint solutions to the impactful questions of digitalization.
Leisure & Lifestyle
Los Angeles and Berlin have one thing in common: both cities stand for creating a self-determined lifestyle in line with one’s own values. This builds the foundation of their magnetism.
Both cities are concerned with sustainability, social justice, and self-optimization. But how can these subjects be reconciled within our digital reality? Are we really making a difference using yoga and food-sharing apps while purchasing new phones every two years? Aren’t (environmental) technologies merely transferring responsibility somewhere else? Are our choices as a consumer more impactful than our voice during the next elections?
Both Los Angeles and Berlin are seen as “Life Concept Labs.” Be it female leadership, your own startup, or mindfulness in everyday life: Here, dreams, ambitions, and expectations take shape—when permitted. Housing crises, anonymity, and digital burnout are making it increasingly difficult to reach personal goals.
Within this framework, our program is dedicated to the question of sincerity in digital society: toward ourselves, our environment, and future generations.