First stop on the SEQUENCER TOUR USA: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not just the first stop on our USA tour, it’s also California’s largest city and home to big tech and music companies that grant access to international creative, digital, and music industries. Our Sequencer Tour event in Los Angeles is designed to link local and international influencers in music, culture, society, and politics into one transatlantic digital society. As yet, interactions between German and American activists or economic influencers are still limited. We’d like to change that and bridge the gap with our event.  


Curated by re:publica, the conference program focuses on two main topics: Our “Politics & Society” track will focus on “Universal Digital Rights.” We’d like to discuss transatlantic topics and current societal developments relevant to both the US and Europe. Our “Leisure & Lifestyle” track focuses on topics such as digital sovereignty, digital sustainability, and social justice within a digital context. To find out more, click here

On November 5th, 2018, we’d like to discuss, learn, and bring together a host of interesting people. Join us!

What’s the best way to see and hear new exciting music? Go to a club! Reeperbahn Festival will put on an international showcase night featuring these up-and-coming bands: Findlay (GB), Giant Rooks (DE), Mavi Phoenix (AT) and one more artist from Germany, the US, and other countries.
Nov 01, 2018, 8 pm, Zebulon / LA Entrance is free.

Music Matches
Strong, sustainable transatlantic connections also grow out of good business relations. Music industry professionals are cordially invited to to attend our Reeperbahn Festival keynote interviews and matchmaking opportunities on November 1 and 2, 2018 at Navel, Los Angeles! Music matches entitles keynote interviews with European and U.S. experts as well as one-on-one-meetings which shall connect executives from the publishing, recording, management and live music sectors of both sides of the Atlantic.

The b2b programme will be curated in cooperation with the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) with Music Managers Forum USA (MMF US) and the German Publisher Association (DMV).

Art Exhibition
The language of art is universal – and when a music-art combination really works, the art can add a whole new dimension to the music. A successful pairing of the two not infrequently encapsulates the spirit of an entire generation – the Beatles’ album “Revolver” and its iconic cover, for example, or Woodstock and its famous poster image. The intersection of art and music has been an important facet of the Reeperbahn Festival’s program since the festival’s inception and will be a central feature of a multi-day exhibition that will round off the Reeperbahn Festival’s overall presentation with the exhibition “It started in Hamburg” by Klaus Voormann in Los Angeles.

Opening reception: Oct 30, 2018, Tuesday 7pm-10pm, NAVEL
Exhibition: Oct 30 – Nov 03, 2018, NAVEL

Opening hours:
Wednesday 12pm – 9pm
Thursday 6pm – 9pm
Friday 6pm – 9pm
Saturday 12 pm– 9 pm

Entrance is free.