Consuming Culture - Expert Discussion at Sequencer LA

Consuming Culture - Expert Discussion at Sequencer LA

Upcoming Monday, Nov 5, there will be discussions, debates and a redesign of the transatlantic dialogue: re:publica's Sequencer conference programme will approach different topics at the first tour stop in LA. The programme includes a critical look at digital developments and their impact on the cultural sector. New technologies have dramatically changed the way culture is consumed in the 21st century.

Values + change = value change?

While the museum stands for "collecting and preserving", the latest technological achievements show how supposedly static cultural institutions are subject to immense change - and perhaps have to undergo it. While cultural artefacts are available worldwide today, there are fewer reasons to physically visit museums. Digital projects open up new ways of accessing culture. But they also shift the focus from the consumer to the prosumer.

Redefining Museum Attractions

Novel storytelling techniques with an innovative combination of immersive state-of-the-art visual effects (VFX) and technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) create a completely new museum image. How will these immersive technologies change previous cultural experiences? How can we approach reality - or escape it - when we collect our cultural experiences through VFX, VR and AR? What role do immersive technologies play for the future of the industry and how do these changes affect media production?

These and other questions will be addressed by Andreas Görgen (AA), Head of the Cultural Department at the Federal Foreign Office, the transdisciplinary artist Byrke Lou and Pixomondo CEO Thilo Kuther (Pixomondo) on Monday. 5 November at NAVEL, LA to critically question how we consume culture and how we can preserve and present both material and immaterial cultural heritage on a global level. The session will be moderated by Kathleen Schröter, Head of Communication at the Fraunhofer Institute. Have a look!

And for all those who are following from afar - no worries - the session is also available as livestream here.