The stage is yours! Join our open Call for Participation in the Sequencer Tour LA for the opportunity to actively co-create the program.

Community input is at the heart of re:publica. Our Sequencer Tour being no exception, we’d like to bring your ideas on stage in LA. Surprise us with your ideas, projects, and visions and take part in our Call for Participation for our Sequencer Tour Los Angeles conference program.  

How does the CfP work?

The CfP is a multi-stage process: first, use our online form to submit your session idea. The re:publica program team and its advisors will then read and judge every submission. Winning ideas will be chosen from a topic-specific shortlist. Selection criteria for submissions include: topic, complexity, relevance, and gender balance.

What we’d like to see

Submissions that make it through our Call usually contain original content, like research results or artistic reflections; they focus on a strong point or idea; and focus on more than a single project, case study or solution.

re:publica aims to present the opportunities and benefits of new technologies in various areas of society, while simultaneously taking a critical look behind the scenes. There is more to it than just a display of the latest technological developments, it's about evaluating them in the long term and making suggestions for the future.

Pitches are not what we are looking for, no matter how cool your company, app or device is.

What topics will be featured in LA?

The main topics of the Sequencer Tour conference include net politics, digital culture, and digital society: We’ll discuss, question, and examine the current political climate in the digital sphere. Our Sequencer Tour in LA will primarily focus on “Politics & Society” and “Leisure & Lifestyle.” For more information, click here.

Next to submissions for the above mentioned categories, we’re also looking for ideas for our “Transatlantic Fusion” track, which focuses on projects with a US-German connection. Are there topics you’re dying to discuss with someone from overseas to bring European and US-American voices on stage? Or were you able to successfully realize a transatlantic project? To take part in this track you must have an overseas partner willing and able to join you at the Sequencer Tour event in LA. More information in our FAQs.

Why should you join?

We’ll give you a stage and the chance to present your ideas to a broad audience from culture, politics, and science—including taping and streaming on re:publica’s YouTube and Social Media channels. You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas with interesting people on and off stage.

How to take part

#SequencerTour: Call for Participation How to Sceencast

Deadlines and More Information

The Call for Participation for the Sequencer Tour LA has ended. Our curator team will be looking through your ideas for talks, panels, workshops, installations, exhibitions, performances and more over the coming weeks and get in touch with you soon.

Questions: programme-usa at re-publica.com