16:30 - 17:30
Connecting a Hyperlocal Creative Community

Short thesis

Creatives face the same balancing act: They grapple with economic pressure on the one hand, while maintaining creative and artistic freedom on the other. What's more, creativity itself is at constant battle with ever-shortening attention spans. Can online platforms foster meaningful collaboration amongst creatives? Yes, meet BOLD’s “C2C” platform.


Individuals of the creative industry face a similar set of challenges everywhere they go. On the one hand, they are confronted with external pressures concerning funding; on the other, they have to manage internal pressures in order to maintain creative flow and artistic inspiration. This tension is especially stark when it comes to creative professionals who resettle from one location to another.
Can an online platform ease this transition while fostering creative collaboration? BOLD says yes! Creative to Creative, or C2C, is the new professional digital space for the German creative community in LA. C2C allows creatives from all industries to exchange ideas, collaborate, and get inspired. Think LinkedIn meets Behance! This panel will talk to representatives from the creative industry to learn more about the hurdles they've faced, exchange sources of help, and discuss how to create "better together" in the future.