International Showcase with Findlay (GB), Giant Rooks (GER), Linafornia (US) and Mavi Phoenix (AT)


Photo Credit: Cristina Salgar

Reeperbahn Festival will present an international showcase night featuring these four upcoming acts on November 01 at Zebulon, LA. Entrance is free.

  • Findlay (GB) Joining the festival in this stateside satellite, Findlay’s reputation precedes her as one of Manchester’s most inspiring acts in recent memory. Harkening back to the city’s greats, Findlay has carved out her own space with her sharp flair. With a voice that cuts like a razor and burns with a nuclear heat, she has defied the mold for what a young female artist can aspire to be.
  • Giant Rooks (DE) The five members of Giant Rooks have been able to create a dynamic sound, mature in its finesse, but youthful in its spirit. At their most epic unique, gritty pop melodies soar above foundations of driving guitar and groovy bass patterns. At other times Frederik Rabes' gruff, yet velvety voice and classic songwriting chops provide room for spacious guitar and piano interplay, only to swell again with an exuberant gesture.
  • Linafornia (US) Representing the host city, Linafornia presides over the Los Angeles stop on the Sequencer Tour. Her sound was formed in the ether of warm, sunburst skylines, and the cool whoof of speakers in some of Angeles most harrowed underground haunts. Ever since she staked her claim on the scene with YUNG (Dome of Doom) in 2016, she has been a mainstay of the beat scene. She embodies the new generation of producers, always stepping forward, still staying true to her roots, to the sounds that originally inspired her. The embodiment was manifested when she was given a residency for the final month of Low End Theory’s epic tenure at the Airliner.
  • Mavi Phoenix (AT) From a young age, Mavi has worked to develop a voice and a sound that would take her around the world. Along the way, she's drawn from a global web of influences including hip-hop, baile funk, r&b, chill-wave, and reggaeton. She uses her strong female voice to fuel her distinctive songwriting style, always underscored by tasty grooves and thumping drums of her own devising.


8pm Findlay (UK)

9:15pm Giant Rooks (GER)

10:30pm Linafornia (US)

11:45am Mavi Phoenix (AT)