Nandini Jammi
Organizer at Sleeping Giants

Nandini Jammi is partner, organizer and original member of Sleeping Giants, a social media campaign dedicated to making bigotry less profitable.

Sleeping Giants formed in the weeks after the 2016 elections, alerting brands and businesses via Facebook and Twitter that their ads were appearing alongside racist and bigoted content on Breitbart. Over 4,000 advertisers have blacklisted Breitbart since the effort began.

The campaign played a pivotal role in the advertiser exodus that led to the cancellation of Bill O’Reilly’s show, The O’Reilly Factor, after sexual harassment allegations against him were confirmed. More recently, Sleeping Giants successfully called on tech companies including Apple, Spotify, Facebook and Google to enforce their terms of service and remove Alex Jones and his show, Infowars, from their platforms.

The campaign has grown to nearly 300,000 members across Twitter and Facebook working together to hold both advertisers and platforms accountable for the rhetoric they fund, distribute and profit from.

Nandini is a University of Maryland alum and works primarily with B2B software businesses as a copywriter and marketing consultant.