Byrke Lou
artist, consultant, system engineer

For me it all started with a curiosity for mathematics, technology and computers. I was especially fascinated with cryptography and space travel. I realized, if I wanted to participate in creating the future I had to learn how computers and the internet worked and how to program and build machines. This lead me to study physics.

I specialized in the theoretical physics’ discipline of complex systems and studied philosophy on the side.

For my Masters I studied 'Digital Media', a course combining media art, media theory, media design and media informatics. I also picked courses dealing with sound design and algorithmic composition and fine art.

As an artist I have performed and exhibited at CTM Berlin, Ars Electronica in Linz, Transmediale Berlin and internationally in NYC, LA, Amsterdam etc.

I speak at conferences as an expert on the future and impact of VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), XR (mixed reality) and AI (artificial intelligence). I do consultations on IT security and the application of new technologies. I am a University lecturer in the fields of integrated design and generative art.