Kristian Nord / Malte Hagemeister

There’s a lot of parallels in Kristian & Malte's life: Both grew up in small towns in Germany, early on founded bands that got them record deals and into the live festival scene of Europe, then moved to Hamburg and started writing and producing for other artists (Tokio Hotel, Fettes Brot, Timo Maas, Sarah Brightman) and eventually composing for commercials.

2005 Kristian moved to California, Malte in 2010 - and it was in Venice Beach where they really started hanging out and collaborating. They formed Nordmeister, a music production team that writes and produces music for artists, commercials and film. Biggest clients include Mercedes, BMW, Nike, Red Bull, Porsche, Gillette, Pepsi, NBC Universal.

Besides their success in advertising & TV Malte & Kristian never forgot their artist roots: Their indie band The Great Escape has been widely praised (Vice, Huffington Post) for its genre-smashing, utterly infectious approach to song craft. With their music streamed in the millions they also had numerous big placements (Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix, Chase Bank).

Kristian is a voting member of the Grammys and a passionate surfer. Malte is a father of four and a mashup artist & DJ.
Together they have sold more than 8 million records and won many international awards in music and advertising.