12:30 - 13:15
Under Our Skin - The future of the Human Being

Short thesis

Rapid progress in the fields of biotech and implant technology are changing the human body as we know it. Tech companies, governments and body-hacker communities around the globe are attempting to push the boundaries of homo sapiens, bringing up new questions about the direction human progress will take in the future.


Implants have been used in the medical field for decades to deliver medication, monitor body functions and support organs and tissues. Over the past decade, however, the transhumanist movement has been growing at incredible speed, with the aim of overcoming the natural limitations of the human body. With the wide availability of technologies that enhance human intellect and physiology, along with increased coverage in mainstream media and growing political attention, scenarios that seem ripped from science fiction are about to become social realities.
What are the ethical implications? Are we headed toward a new social class of superhumans? Will individual citizens be able to cure their own diseases and develop fantastic abilities? Will biohacking become the drug trade of the future?