13:30 - 14:00
Social Entrepreneurship goes Blockchain

Short thesis

The universal language crypto can solve two of the biggest challenges for non-profit-organisations: the acquisition of money for the social projects and the transparency of using the donations.


The popular Viva con Agua movement raises awareness about free access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide through creative and joyful activities.
Over 10,000 volunteers and thousands of participants have joined this arts and awareness movement in Europe and Africa, and international artists, DJ’s, athletes, writers and dignitaries have supported the organization in the past (including names such as Richard Gere, Ed Sheeran, the Dalai Lama, Formula 1 Racing Champion Nico Rosberg and Jack Black).

More than 663 million people globally don’t have access to clean drinking water and more than a third of the population, 2.63 billion people, do not have sufficient sanitation. So far, Viva con Agua has helped 3 million people with free access to clean and safe water.

After ten years in Europe and Uganda, Viva con Agua has come to California to work with the art and music industry in Hollywood as well as entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley in order to make a lasting impact in California as well as globally.

One idea to both fundraise and communicate the founding of Viva con Agua in California is to use the universal language of crypto. The Viva Coin Agua could be a solution to raise millions of donations and to show the transparency of its impact.