10:05 - 11:00
Opening Inputs – Thoughts on the Digital Society

Short thesis

How can art, entrepreneurship and civil society thrive in an age of “hypernow”, short attentions spans and tl;dr ("too long; didn't read")? While society is undergoing a transformation, is it utopian for the digital society to find a common ground in tackling challenges? Our opening session addresses re:publica’s core mission of connecting the dots of a global republic.


Tiff Massey, Habib Lesevic, W. F. Umi Hsu and Andreas Gebhard discuss how to frame the requirements of a human-centred digital society. How can we navigate towards a future of hope and collaboration in times of societal transformation? How can we find and foster self-drive and autonomy in both art and entrepreneurship? And what inspires us on how to tackle challenges within civil society? As we move into an age of artificial intelligence, how does this affect social inequality? How can humanity create force rather than a fading dream?
We kick off the first re:publica in LA, aware that our small steps will only contribute to an ongoing discussion about an emancipated and inclusive digital society.