Screening Room
13:30 - 14:30
Break Out
Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives (Break Out Session)

Short thesis

Today’s digital devices and apps are both powerful and powerfully distracting. Learn in this workshop how you can retune your daily use of digital devices.


Indeed it has become increasingly clear that they can serve both as instruments of communication and connection, on the one hand, and of distraction and disconnection, on the other. The challenge we face is to use them to their best advantage to ours, and to understand when to use them and when to abstain from them.
For a number of years, through my research and teaching, I have been developing methods to help students and adult professionals investigate and improve their relationship with their digital devices and apps. In this workshop I will give participants a taste of the exercises and techniques I’ve developed to help us bring greater balance to our digital lives.